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Double Sided low ceiling suspended sign
This product is composed of 2 Aluminum extrusions V80, at 400mm length, t.....
Model: MCFT5734
Sign Size: 406mm x 117.8mm (16" x 4.6")
Insert Size: 400mm x 78mm (15.7" x 3.1")
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Ultra thin – flat poster frame
This custom flat frame uses our Vista Solo extrusion and special end caps to c.....
Model: MCFT4214
Sign Size: 714.8mm x 1004mm (28.1" x 39.5")
Insert Size: 700mm x 1000mm (27.6" x 39.4")
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SUS300 with Ribs to support the CC
Model: MCFT4414
Sign Size: 301.7mm x 2504mm (11.9" x 98.6")
Insert Size: 279mm x 2500mm (11" x 98.4")
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Single sided post sign
This sign uses 2 posts and simple omega brackets to mount the standard Vista .....
Model: MCFT4361
Sign Size: 506.3mm x 1502.5mm (19.9" x 59.2")
Insert Size: 482mm x 700mm (19" x 27.6")
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Post sign bracket
Model: MCFT4332
Sign Size: 905mm x 3500mm (35.6" x 137.8")
Insert Size: 800mm x 285mm (31.5" x 11.2")
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