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Vista System Green Strategy Statement
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Vista System, the pioneer and leading sign manufacturer in the MCFT market, is proud to participate in the creation of a greener sign industry by introducing an environmentally friendly system to the market. We are committed to continually strive to develop and improve our products, as new information and technology are made available. In 2007, our design team began reviewing and redesigned most of our system to make sure it is as green as possible. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a system that is designed to last a very long time and is fully recyclable.

The Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) market is a relatively new market. Based on the need to fill the gap between custom fabricated sign systems and modular sign systems, it results in an eco-friendly signage solution that minimizes waste and allows for efficient recycling!

Custom designed systems restrict the ability to easily and inexpensively change sign information, often requiring the need to replace the whole sign when the text and graphics need to be updated.

Modular sign systems
are flexible when updated, but generally are constructed in a limited number of components and sizes.

Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) fills the gap between custom fabricated sign systems and modular sign systems. One of the main features of MCFT is that it acts as a frame, which can be updated indefinitely with a simple paper insert for signs that need to change often. For signs that have a permanent message, you may use any flat, flexible substrate available today. The frame system will also allow for use of substrate materials that haven't even been developed yet!

With today's movement towards greener materials, we anticipate substrate manufacturers to improve on the existing materials to make them greener. Vista's frame system will be ready to accept those new materials as they become available.

Vista System is based on mechanical elements that allow signs to be more easily changed and broken down into their component parts, thereby offering an efficient and simplified recycling process.

Vista System has been inspected & certified by Green Busines Partnership, is a member of USGBC and is an active member and education sponser of SEGD - the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

When redesigning the Vista System, we placed longevity as our key concern. We concentrated on achieving sustainability via general material selection, the fabrication process and final disposition. Successful modular systems are based on the ability to change elements of the sign while maintaining the system over a long period of time.

We have chosen aluminum extrusions as the basis of our system, accompanied by attachment components made from aluminum and steel, which are all protected against corrosion to promote longevity. We choose to supply our plastic parts from materials such as polycarbonate for outstanding durability and resistance to vandalism

Insert System: 
The frame or sign holder system allows for easy updating of the insert without the need to replace the whole sign.

Designing a product that can be described over time, as having a “contemporary look” is as important as the length of time the products can physically withstand the elements.
Air & environment quality
We have chosen to use mechanical fasteners instead of harmful out-gassing adhesives. We have invested in redesigning our system to eliminate the use of adhesives for connecting components completely!

Resource and waste management
The Vista System is based on modular components that are easy to separate into individual elements that can be taken apart and reused or sent for recycling. We have challenged our designers to come up with solutions that are both pleasing to the eye and fully recyclable.

We reuse packing materials as much as possible, recycle the materials that are not reusable and finally, introduced recyclable, lightweight cardboard-based pallets, which have replaced the majority of wooden pallets used thus far.

Energy Efficiency
We have recently redesigned all of our extrusions to reduce their weight to the minimum necessary without jeopardizing the integrity of the product. This reduction in material reduces the use of energy used in the manufacturing process, transportation and the eventual aluminum recycling process.

Vista System, being a frame- based system, allows for the use of many types of substrates. This gives great flexibility to choose the most energy efficient substrate materials available now and in the future.