Cubicle signs made easy by Vista

The “cubicle”, invented in the 1960’s, has gained or lost popularity over the years with the ebbs and falls of design trends. Although not suitable for all trades, it is definitely the method of choice for some industries, even in the 21st century and seems to be here to stay.

Cubicles are often composed of semi-height partitions made of a variety of materials, in addition to other modular elements, to accommodate users’ needs while isolating them (to an extent) from external noises and diversions.

Vista Cubicle Signs Vista Cubicle Signs

Cubicle signs are therefore required to direct visitors and employees to their destination in the so called “open space” environment. Over the years Vista rose to the challenge with a variety of solutions, made to accommodate specific requests.

A recent surge in demand for cubicle signs led to a “Eureka” moment, leading to a simple, speedy and cost effective solution created in-house by Vista team.

Vista cubicle signs incorporate frames from the entire Vista range with a bespoke metal bracket (‘clip-on’ element) for any partition width. Speed and cost-effectiveness are key words in this growing business. Easy to install, update or remove.

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