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The Boston Celtics and Bruins call the TD Banknorth Garden their home arena. This arena located in Boston, MA is frequented by millions of people each year to watch their favorite team play hockey or basketball. While others go to sing along with their favorite musical artist for one of many concerts held here each year.
This is where I Associates of Pennsauken, NJ along with DGI Invisuals of Burlington, MA recently installed this 3′ x 24′ illuminated sign. It uses a Vista V900 structure with CeeLite’s LEC technology (Light Emitting Capacitor) to illuminate the graphic that can be easily changed as the sponsor requests.
The easy installation took only two hours to complete including the integration of CeeLite. The illuminated sign is easily viewed from across the arena. This sign is designated for the sponsor of the family section of the arena. It is designed to be changed regularly by two people as the advertising changes.
The client was looking for an illuminated, low profile, easy to maintain sign . The cost and profile of competing sign technologies was cost prohibitive. The ability to design and install the sign within a few weeks was paramount. Because the sign would be just behind and above the patrons heads, it needed to be very low profile, but, remain illuminated.
It would have been difficult to design and fabricate a conventional sign within the time constraints we had . Wiring a sign that is in a location like this can be a problem as the wiring would typically be visible to the patrons who tend to get destructive when their team isn’t playing well. We brought power through the wall directly inside the sign to prevent vandalism

It took approximately two hours to install the sign including integrating the CeeLite and connecting power as needed. The ability to communicate and deliver a quality product in a timely manner helped us secure this high profile job which I’m certain will lead to more work of this type. There are many small graphic shops that don’t have the facilities or equipment to be competitive in the illuminated sign industry. The combination of off the shelf products like Vista and CeeLite is the perfect combination!

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