The BHS Academic Hall of Fame

An unusual project has been recently executed at the Bellefontaine High School (BHS), OH by NSP, a 5-star Vista Ambassador for the past 8 years.
This is just one of many ways of using Vista wayfinding signage solutions for purposes that are entirely “out of the box”.

The BHS Academic Hall of Fame The BHS Academic Hall of Fame
BHS School officials wanted to create a ‘Wall of Fame’ for Valedictorians and Distinguished Alumni contributing by actions in their personal and professional lives to this school’s reputation. Unsure of the exact execution they have approached NSP who in turn provided a solution for both their requirement for interchangeable frames and the possibility to do all that on their own.

Vista Square, with its wide side-lips, flat frame and classic look, were just the right fit. A staggering quantity of 452 Vista Square landscape wall frames were cleverly mounted on a black, shiny Acrylic substrate in a brick-pattern that corresponds with the red brick wall underneath. The result: a beautiful, solemn and flattering wall that cannot be ignored.

The BHS Academic Hall of Fame
BHS were all the merrier to leave some frames blank for additional engraved names of Valedictorians and Alumni who would join their friends on the wall in future years.
Go Chiefs!

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