Triangular Kiosk with Maple Veneer Faces & LED Display Branford Connecticut YMCA

There was a structural column in the center of the lobby of this new YMCA. The architect, Arbonies-King-Vloch contacted us to produce something to hide the column & seem like it belonged there. We worked with them on the concept of a column cover that was an information center. One of the most challenging details of the kiosk were the circular stainless steel tubes at the corners. They have a section cut out so that they cover the corners of the kiosk. One cylinder is hinged so that it swings out to give access to a memory card reader that runs the LED display sign. There was a grand opening date that we had to have the kiosk installed by. Vista Systems kept up their end & delivered the materials when promised.

b-Branford-Connecticut-YMCA-project-2 b-Branford-Connecticut-YMCA-project-2

7 Svea Ave. Branford, CT, USA
Phone: 203-481-6502

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