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Imagine your grocery shopping has to be dispersed between several vendors across the city…wouldn’t it be awesome to find a one-stop-shop where you can concentrate that chore? Same goes to your multiple wayfinding signage solutions, when you have a project on your hands.

It is with great pleasure that Vista announces the launch of Vista Art, a new, ‘out of the box’ product family, providing exactly what you were looking for from your sign supplier: A wide range of products under the same roof, fast delivery, professional advice and an Amazing customer service.

Vista Art Acrylic ADA compliant signs are part of a wider range of materials, designs, colors and applications. The beautiful range featured by Vista Art family of products positions Vista as your go-to company for all your project signage requirements.

ADAAG Compliant

All signs of Vista Art family provide ADA solutions compliant with The American with Disabilities Act (ADAAG ) regulating accessibility in all public buildings and shared spaces. The signs are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and carry certain features, including:

  • Non-glare backgrounds and characters
  • High contrast between characters and background
  • Easy-to- read typefaces
  • Raised letters or numbers
  • Braille
  • Commonly used pictograms

Get Help in Your Next Project

Signs featuring Braille and raised characters are the most visible manifestation of the ADAAG. However, sign professional or reseller must fully understand and implement the law, installing the signs at a convenient, accessible location. Vista professionals are at your service with any signage requirements for your next project.

To learn more about the various options , applications and possibilities, visit Vista ADA family page or contact us.

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