VISTA EXPAND – Best solution for outdoor signage

The Broughton Hospital in Morganton, North Carolina, was named one of the most beautiful hospitals in the U.S. already in 2017. After a decade of planning and construction, it has been recently renovated, adding 382 beds and an extensive square-footage of modern buildings. The state of the art campus required both indoor and outdoor signage solutions to enable visitors to navigate with confidence.

Navitor Specialty Products, a 5-star Vista Ambassador and client since 2012, was chosen for that job and provided Vista’s timeless Aluminum curved frames for the interiors.
The surrounding grounds needed a much larger solution that could be double sided, easily legible, withstand the elements and still retain that elegant feel. Vista Expand family was the obvious answer.

Vista Expand Vista Expand

Different sizes of Aluminum Post & Panel signs were installed at prime locations, with careful consideration to way-finding metrics in healthcare facilities. Vista Expand also proved to be cost effective both for end user and installer via ease of installation. The clever use of people-centered, ultra-modern graphics, makes the signs blend-in perfectly with the grander hospital design, provide a much needed service and seem to be the quintessential solution.

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