Vista Snap Vista Snap
Vista Snap Vista Snap

Vista System, being the innovative company that it is, keeps searching for the next best thing in wayfinding signage systems to bring to you, the sign professional.

The new family of Vista Snap was recently introduced as a complementary system meeting customers’ requests and market needs. With a unique, revolutionary spring system,
Vista Snap flat frames are the ideal product for your marketing and information needs.
Easily changeable graphics, combined with a sleek, elegant design, prove it to be the hottest item in field of wayfinding signage.

Why Vista Snap?
This is the perfect solution for the business sector. The flat signage, the flexibility of usage and the spring-based profiles (also possible with internal illumination) are exactly the minimalistic, subtle look you are after. It does not overshadow the graphics, but compliments it and gives it center stage entirely.

Easy and quick operation
Changing graphics was never that easy. Vista Snap frames allow for a rapid change of graphics by just one person: An ideal solution for the ever changing advertising and retail world.

Signs of illumination
Vista Snap frames are available with or without internal illumination at a variety of sizes.
Made to impress, it supports the visual content and is most suitable for a variety of
business sectors, to name a few: hotels, retail centers, corporate offices and transportation interchanges. A lightweight non-illuminated version is suitable for widely illuminated areas which are mostly active in daylight. This is also the more cost effective option, for your most popular advertising needs. The illuminated, high-end version is all about making the best impression with a special light dispersion that makes your graphics POP.

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