Vista Square Directories at Premier Physicians Office, Ohio


Medical offices and clinics have one thing in common: Doctors and medical staff are constantly changing rooms and schedules. It is imperative to have an easy signage system to have these changes done quickly and efficiently using just a simple office printer…

Vista Square directories were recently installed at the Premier Physicians offices, Westlake, Ohio by Crawford Signs & Graphics, Elyra, USA. The client clearly specified that change of graphics in these directories is key for their choice of signage system.

Although Vista directories are usually supplied with the right kind of spacers between the lenses, customer demands and specific sizes called for a more creative solution. “I used custom made spacers, of 0.6 Aluminum and 0.02 high bond tape, to account for the slight differences in width of central panels” said Bruce Crawford.

The end result beautifully shows once again, that with a bit of creativity and imagination, Vista various signage solutions fit anyone and anything.

All in all, 4 such directories were installed and the staff use their laser printer to print and insert the right graphics, showing room number and staff member name, into the signs. No chance of any patient misdirection from now on!

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