Vista System’s annual signage project contest is now officially open!

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For the past 24 years Vista System is a leader in wayfinding signage solutions, sold exclusively to signage professionals worldwide.

We can help

Unless your finished project is being photographed and published, it is left to obscurity and no one else is exposed to the beautiful work. What a shame!

Thousands of vista ambassadors and sign companies do not bother to do the necessary PR and promote themselves… maybe due to a busy schedule, lack of funding or other reasons.

As the proverbial saying goes ‘All’s fair in love and war’. Vista wants to show some love to its loyal clients, and knowing you are in a constant state of battle in today’s market, we extend a hand and offer our help.

By providing a platform to upload your photos and project information.
Now, you can create your own projects case study and we will publish it for all to see via our Vista website, magazine, mass mailings, etc.
A win/win situation… don’t’ you think?! AND we also offer a reward to the winner.

Visit the competition web page, where you can find all details about how to participate with your projects.


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