Vista System Launches Vista Sharp – The Frameless, Flat and Sleek Signage System

Signage is usually taken for granted. It is such a major part of our daily lives, yet taken as a given when we try to find our way in any new environment or even during daily routines. Roads, street, shops and residential areas would be chaotic without proper signage. Shopping malls, schools, business areas and industrial areas would be impossible to navigate without directional signage to show the way. Sometimes when a project is planned, signage is often looked at as one more obstacle to tackle, rather than a crucial factor. What good would it be to have a beautifully planned and structured building, without signage to complement it?

Architects, decision makers and contractors should be more aware of the implications signage, or lack of it, has on their projects. Quite recently an army base (set somewhere in the Middle East), was improperly installed with sign posts, leading to a medical emergency, just because soldiers in that base could not find the infirmary. That would have been prevented by proper signage and a consideration of its necessity and locations.

Vista System is constantly educating its clientele – Signage professionals, as well as opinion leaders, such as Architects and Contractors – to make use of its R&D capabilities and design their projects with comprehensive signage. Moreover, Vista’s variety of signs, models, sizes and modularity are now enhanced by the new VISTA SHARP. Well sought after, this is the by far the most innovative flat, frameless and sleek looking indoors signage system ideal for any specification, in either small or large projects.

A sharp (pun intended) and frameless look, makes it a perfect candidate to blend in with any commercial or business environment. Full Aluminum frames and a variety of graphic applications provide a wide range of possibilities. The system offers wall and door frames, directories, flag signs, suspended signs and table signs – so the entire space remains cohesive and elegant in its simplicity. Installation and graphics change is fast and easy. Once again, Vista System surprises by thinking outside the box.

WFS4EP170- FRLA5x105  SHARP3   

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