Vista System Sign Schedule For Government Clinics in South Africa

Vspec used to update selected Government Clinics in South Africa  Vista Art-ADA sign- Sierra
Vspec used to update selected Government Clinics in South Africa Vspec used to update selected Government Clinics in South Africa

Signage Specification Project Introduction
Imagine you are a project manager, with limited knowledge about signage, requirements, installation or types, now required to prepare a whole array of uniform signage for a nationwide clinics project. Undoubtedly you see this as a tedious and time consuming task to say the least (involving signage experts/ companies, decision on signage locations, installation types, prices and bill of quantities).

Rising to the occasion
This is exactly what happened when The Ideal Clinics project (SA) instructed their project manager to create a family of signs for their various locations. The idea was that the entire array of selected clinics will have the same specification to promote the Department of Health’s Corporate image per province.

The project manager was all too happy to use the expertise of Vista System’s exclusive distributor in Southern Africa: Red Hand Sign Supplies, in handling this complicated task, involving characterizing the project and get down to the nitty-gritty…
After a short brief, Red Hand rose to the occasion and created Vspec sign schedule for The Ideal Clinics project, free of charge!

Vspec milestone
Vspec provided a sound and uniform basis for the entire projects’ corporate identity. Other sign installers participated in the tender, and contractors were awarded thereof.

Vspec also helped the project manager in determining specifications for the signs, deciding on insert details, installation details and basic material requirements. Local installers were recommended in each province, to handle the sign installation, based on the same guidelines.

Scope of project
Red Hand Sign Supplies reported that 30 odd clinics were already updated with quite a few more on the horizon, as the project continues to evolve.
So far, this project yielded over $100K and is still on the go.
So, although Vspec was provided free of charge, it was a well worth investment, which continues to give back.

For more information please contact:
Red Hand Sign Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Phone #: +27 116 143933

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