Vista System Used For New Coffee Brand

Motherland_Coffee_B Motherland_Coffee_B

Motherland Coffee Company brand in South Africa chose Vista System for their flagship store in the Rosebank Zone shopping complex.

In an effort to meet their menu, pricing and marketing requirements, various signage options were considered by their creative team. Vista System was found to be the most adaptable modular system on the market and was integrated into their afro-chic brand and feel, effortlessly. The full Vista System range, from light-boxes to desk stands was used, including the economical Vista Solo.

As Vista System is only distributed via signage professionals, Motherland Coffee Company used their preferred sign maker for this project.

With the opening of both their Cape Town and Dunkeld stores earlier this year, this project serves as another example of how Vista System helps sign makers to implement modular signage for their customers’ CI needs.

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