When Form and Matter Complement Each Other

When looking to make a big impact with your signage with a modest investment – Vista Expand is the system for you!

Vista Expand was created to fulfill a need for large, non illuminated signs. Billboards, shop fronts and other large signage solutions can only benefit from this lightweight, strong and elegant collection of big sized signs, using state of the art technology, an ever valid curved form and a durable substrate matter.

Vista Expand offers a variety of single sided wall frames,double sided pylons and post & panel signs. It supports a wide selection of ridig graphic inserts that are held firmly inside the frames thanks to the smart profile design. The most recommended substrate is X-Bond or D-Bond.

D-bond is a material composed of three outer layers of aluminum and an inner layer of polyethylene. It is a lightweight and durable material, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments and is an excellent solution when you want to get a result that lasts.

Together – form and matter create the most advanced signage solution that is both beautifully designed, versatile, easy to install AND cost effective.

Those key elements quickly brought Vista Expand to the top of the list of preferred signage solutions for outdoor projects in hospitals, highways, universities, corporate buildings and parks.

The low maintenance and anti-vandalism features of these unique signs, provide an added value that is a huge selling point for professionals of the industry. Without a doubt, Vista Expand is the best solution in the market for LARGE sized signs.


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