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Vista System's Full Solution for Libraries

Vista System is the first signage company in the world to develop a dedicated modular signage system for libraries. In addition to the clean design and competitive pricing, this solution provides a complete way finding solution for libraries of every type and size, and includes hundreds of types of signs in various configurations and sizes. The system is based on easy-to-install signs and a quick-latch insert mechanism that saves operational and maintenance costs. Vista’s modular systems include illuminated, flat and convex signs.

Vista Designs For You

Vista System’s library solution includes signage for:

  • Lobby (department directory, rules, directions)
  • Stationary and mobile pylons in various sizes (storytime hours, operating hours)
  • Corridors and way-finding, including suspended and protruding signs  
  • Shelves and tables (contents and instructions)
  • Walls and corridors (directions, information stands, registration)
  • Display cases and catalog trays (reference and guidance)
  • Directory stands and retail gondolas
  • Exhibitions, sales, way-finding (illuminated, double-sided and triangular pylon)
  • Shelving (book and category)
  • Office, restroom, entrance doors, and more…
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  • Truly comprehensive and full solution for libraries of every nature
  • Variety of signs in multiple designs and sizes
  • Competitive pricing - even for small projects
  • Zero maintenance and fast insert replacement
  • Variety of finishes and insert materials:
  • Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC
  • Aluminum sheet (multiple textures, including perforated or embossed)
  • Standard laminates (unlimited finishes that resemble many materials)
  • Engraving plastics (for engraving or as a background)
  • Photo polymers (raised letters, graphics, Braille)


  • We have enjoyed being a preferred vendor for Vista Systems in northwest British Columbia, Canada. The product is very well made and we are pleased to have it available for our customers as part of our overall suite of sign products.

    Silvertip Signs, Canada
    Tod Richard
  • Even though we are a really small sign shop, Vista has always been friendly, professional and courteous with us over the years. They also make really great products…

    ASAP Signs, USA
    Bob Perez
  • Vista has a great quality product and continually adapts to keep a modern and clean system available for a wide variety of business uses. The customer service and responsiveness is why I keep coming back.

    Image360 - RVA, USA
    Kelly All
  • Vista provides an amazing variety of sales tools from literature to showroom and field sample kits. The customer selection process is so much cleaner with a physical sample on a professionally prepared kit or display. We’ve found it makes for some quick decision making on the customer side.

    Fastsigns, Canada
    Bob Ramsden
  • Vista Systems not only created a great user friendly system in the beginning but now have expanded give great new options to the original curved system. Their team is super easy to work with and always goes out of there way to help me in tight deadline situations

    Pensacola Sign & Graphics, Inc. USA
    Eric Hoock
  • We will continue to use Vista Systems for our customers who expect a little something extra out of their signage requests.

    Sign Solutions Of East Atlanta, USA
    Nicole Carter
  • I have had an awesome experience using Vista system.
    Its ease of use and great look are customer pleasers.
    I have picked up new customers that have had Vista signs
    and have been able to provide new matching signs to keep
    a uniform look to the properties.

    Bell Signs, USA
    Gary Burns
  • We love your products and your customer service! Always so helpful! Products are top notch.

    sign Central, LLC, USA
    Teresa Brown
  • Vista representatives are very helpful and knowledgeable. Quotes are requested and returned in a timely manner, helps with meeting bid deadlines!

    Morrison Architectural Sign Co., Inc. USA
    Christina Haines
Quick and Simple

Library Sign Assembly and Installation

Vista’s modular signage solution for libraries includes aluminum frames, endcaps and bases, and the assembly and installation of all signs is based on the same closures and principles. While it is recommended that a Vista Ambassador (certified sign professional) will install your library signs, the only thing truly needed is some technical sense and a screwdriver – no prior knowledge or special tools are required. Assembly is easy and there are several methods for anchoring the signs, all of which can be learned through the technical drawings provided by Vista. 

Architects, Engineers and Designers: We understand that your time is precious, so Vista has prepared, for your convenience, files that you can use with your 3D software for design and planning:


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