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Vista System is known worldwide as a leading innovative signage manufacturer. In recent years, the company has developed product lines designed for various industries and businesses. One of the areas that have received comprehensive design solutions is showrooms, especially car dealerships, which invest a great deal of thought in their appearance, as part of the marketing of their new models. The uniqueness of car showrooms is that they are shiny and bright, in order to highlight every curve and detail in the body of the car. Vista has won several projects in the field thanks to several advantages.

Elegance, Forever

One of the challenges designers face is to provide car dealers with a signage system that will remain current for years. This means designing signage that will blend, over time, with the colors, lighting, and branding of the car manufacturer, alongside vehicle models that change from year to year. Vista’s design solutions meet the challenge of time, whether through its way-finding signage or informational signage. Vista’s modular signage systems support a minimalistic design line that works well in both large spaces and partitioned areas, and successfully shifts the main focus to the cars themselves.

Behind the Branding

In the global and competitive market of car manufacturing, differentiation is especially important. Branding is a crucial part of the interface with the target audience and the showroom point of sale, and thus must be accurate and effective. Vista enables the designer to highlight the company’s brand and its messages, without the signage’s presence becoming overpowering. This is one of the reasons why DaimlerChrysler in South Africa chose Vista’s modular systems for all of the brand’s centers.

Variety of Design is Key

One of the reasons why designers choose Vista Systems is the huge variety of signs and design families available to fit every project. For the Mercedes showroom in Munich, Germany, the designers chose wall frames, suspended signs, double sided pylons, floor stands, directory signs and more. The range of signs offered by Vista enables a solution for any concept or design line, and in any size – from the sign for a storage room to the full signage solution for a train station full of visitors.

As an Added Bonus – Unbeatable Price

Vista is famous for its innovative, high quality signage. One of the considerations in choosing a solution is price, which always plays a role, but especially so when it comes to a large project such as outfitting the signage for a national chain. And here as well, even in terms of price, Vista’s modular signage solutions prove to offer a significant advantage. It’s yet another reason why global companies choose Vista for their important signage projects.

Outstanding Level of Performance

As every decision-maker knows, as a project nears the end, and nerves are already frazzled, peace of mind becomes especially important. It’s often the make or break time of the project, which can lead to spectacular success – or failure. Vista Signage installers receive a very high level of service that includes quality control, precise assembly and timely delivery for each sign. Moreover, Vista escorts its customers every step of the way, ensuring that their signage projects will end in a fast, accurate and most satisfactory way.

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