Free Revit BIM file Service for Your Signage Project

We’ve gone that extra step to help you complete your next signage project. On the Vista System website, you’ll find dozens of Revit BIM files that you can download for free. Out of the hundreds of different types of way-finding and business signage in the Vista System catalog, we selected the most popular and provided the files to help you understand how these signs are built and easily implemented in your project. The BIM files you’ll find on the site are provided to you free of charge, without any obligation or prior conditions. What’s more, beyond the Vspec service and Revit files, we have yet another surprise for you.

Good News for the New Architect in the Office

In addition to the downloadable files, Vista has another revolutionary service for managers and decision makers in architecture and engineering companies. You know better than we do that creating BIM files for signs is tedious – even Sisyphean technical work. It’s certainly not the highlight of anyone’s design or architectural career, and is far from a fascinating challenge for the new guy in the office.

Free Revit BIM File Service

Instead of imposing dull tasks on young architects, you can get Revit files for medium- and large-scale signage projects for free. Simply pass the signage plan for your project to one of our Vista client managers, and you’ll receive back the relevant BIM files, ready for downloading. We are sure you will be impressed by our modular signage, and will look forward to getting to know our product families better.   

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BIM objects - Revit files (.rfa)

We have created BIM files of our signs, which can be downloaded for free.
Skip to the planning stage and use them with your own design software.

Signage for Large Projects

You’ll receive this service for free from Vista System, any time you order signage for large projects, such as factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, military bases, or national chains or franchises. For smaller projects, we will be happy to help and assist for a nominal fee.

Why Revit and Not ArchiCad or Both?

Designers, architects, engineers and project managers in architectural and construction companies use Building Information Modeling to design and execute construction projects. These BIM files allow the project participants to discuss and share ideas, elements and details on a precise platform that is rich with information.

As a leading manufacturer of modular signage, we had no bias when it came to choosing a particular brand of BIM software to work with. The reason for choosing Revit was simple: it’s the most popular one on the market, and has become, in many countries, the standard for everything related to architecture and civil engineering. In addition, Revit files can be opened by AutoCAD in the IFC format.

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