Interior and exterior way-finding solutions

In recent years, Vista System, as a leader in its field, has developed modular signage for businesses in the public and government sectors. In addition, the advantages Vista offers for projects in the medical sector, beyond the clean and elegant design of the signage systems, include various aspects, such as compliance with international standards for Green Signs, ADA signs and more.

Hospital Directional Signs

Vista’s signage families include hundreds of types and sizes of wayfinding signs for each area of ​​the hospital. These wayfinding signs include signs for outdoor environments (entrances, parking spaces, paths) as well as illuminated signs for evening hours and dark areas. In addition, Vista offers a complete solution for interior wayfinding, including directory signs, suspended signs, protruding signs and more.

Critical Information in Real Time

Along with wayfinding signs, hospital sign project designers are required to design a signage system that will provide visitors and employees with information. Some of this is critical (such as emergency room or x-ray facilities), and always it must be conveyed in a clear, swift manner. Vista’s product families also provide a complete and comprehensive solution for challenges of this nature, by means of wall signs, double-sided or illuminated pylon signs, door signs, desk signs, brochure stands and more.

Elegance and Comfort

In the attached pictures of St. Patrick’s Hospital in South Africa, you can see how the floral graphics blend beautifully with the clean design line of the various signs. In light of the fact that there are hundreds of signs on all floors of the hospital, this can be an immensely valuable feature. Also, Vista ensures the high standards of its products by passing each one through strict quality control before shipping it out to authorized installers. As a leading manufacturer, Vista first invests heavily in the training and instruction of its sign makers, and then continues to escort them with professional support and advice. The signs are exceptionally durable, but should there ever be a need, all parts can be easily replaced.

ADA signage for Visually Impaired Visitors

As part of its wayfinding and informational signage offerings, the Vista families also include ADA solutions. The unique printing on different substrates conforms to standard ADA requirements and is embedded as an integral part of the sign. The customer receives a comprehensive solution, with the ability to choose among hundreds of different sizes, heights and types of signs. This also enables the designer to find the right signs to match the exact location, each and every time.

It's Easy Being Green

Medical and governmental bodies are required in many countries to execute projects in compliance with green standards. Sometimes, the demand to protect the environment and use green technologies and materials is a local requirement. As a designer, you can rest assured that all of Vista’s modular signage systems have green certification. As a company that values ​​the preservation of the environment, we have done everything necessary to comply with every standard – from our methods of recycling to how we handle raw materials and waste.

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