Vista System proudly provides hotels with outstanding modular signage solutions

Vista products, designed for wayfinding, information and points of interest offer designers and decision-makers working in the hospitality sector significant advantages. These images from projects completed at various hotels around the world illustrate the challenges – and the results.

Resorts and Hotels - the Complete Deal

Vista’s signage systems provide a comprehensive solution that meets every challenge faced by hotel and resort chains. To start with, these venues require dozens of different types of informational signs and directions. This includes outdoor signs for parking, open grounds, paths, pool, entrance, balconies, roofs and observation points. Beyond all of these outdoor signs, there is also a need for signs inside the hotel that will provide clear directions and information – such as in the areas of internal operations, guest rooms and public spaces. In addition, the project will probably include illuminated outdoor signs for parking and paths, as well as indoor illuminated signs for hallways, lobbies and more.

Design and Modularity

The clean design of Vista product families provides a smooth and consistent look throughout the hotel. The wide variety of frames and designs to choose from enable a number of effects – from striking contrasts and highlighted areas for emphasis, to hues that seamlessly blend with one other, all available in a variety of dimensions, finishes, and graphic substrates. There is simply no substitute for one uniform design language that supports all graphics and messaging. Beyond that, the signs have a stunning appearance, the minimalist and elegant design providing a timeless look that stays in fashion and on trend.

At Your Side, from Vspec to Project Execution

A hotel signage project requires careful planning to meet all requirements and needs, not to mention special design adjustments, and giving consideration to maintenance, durability and multiple other aspects. Vista works with designers and sign makers throughout every phase of the project until its successful completion.  Beyond  the Vspec service that will provide you with a detailed plan including a bill of quantities, we will be happy to respond to any request.

More than just a Pretty Face - Service and Quality Too!

As a leading international manufacturer, Vista System does not sell to the end user directly, but rather works through Vista-certified signage companies worldwide that we personally train and support – Vista Ambassadors. Every sign that leaves our factory must first undergo strict quality control before being shipped out to the project site. Each order is handled immediately upon receipt, so there is never a delay on our end, and the guaranteed quality assists managers in the smooth completion of their projects. Another great advantage of Vista is that beyond the signs’ durability, inside and out, Vista replacement parts are easily acquired whenever needed.

Vista System’s catalog is a treasure trove of signs – hundreds of varieties, sizes, shapes and types, in the many different Vista product families. Together, they have been designed to provide designers and decision makers with everything needed to complete a spectacular hotel signage project.

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