Variety of solutions for all office challenges

Vista System has created a dedicated line for offices that meets this sector’s special challenges including the need to navigate in an open space environment. It’s often especially difficult to locate the right person in spaces designed this way. Visitors can easily find themselves lost in the maze, trying to find their way among dozens or even hundreds of people, to reach their destination in the shortest way possible.

Modular solution for the office environment

Vista System’s modular solution for the office environment includes door signs, table signs, name badges, suspended signs and more. The solution’s highlight is the signs specially designed for an open space environment, including anchor types that integrate naturally with the space’s elements and partitions. Vista’s solution for the office environment enables visitors to easily orient themselves and identify people and their roles, and to navigate between the various rooms and departments in an efficient and elegant way.

The Richest Variety of Open Space Signs

Vista offers a wide range of cubicle sign shapes, colors and sizes – as well as options for attachment or suspension. Our single-sided cubicle sign is designed for mounting on the partition, improving visibility from the corridor. The double-sided cubicle sign increases visibility, catching the attention of visitors from all directions. Flag and pole cubicle signs rise above the partition, to be seen from long distance, and are available in both double and single-sided versions. Our special cubicle /hook accessory lets you hang signs and other accessories on the partition, while for vertically-mounted flag signs, we provide anchoring devices that let you add the employee’s department or function in addition to their name.

Design Language to Strengthen the Brand

Nothing makes for a clear and strong message better than when all elements “converse” in the same language. Vista’s signage families include dozens of models for various signs that give the designer choice – well beyond the graphics and type of infrastructure – to what frame, anchor type, and of course location the sign will have. Vista’s signage families ensure that there is a clear and uniform design language throughout all office signs – from wall, door and corridor signs, to open space partition signs and even employee name tags. The signs’ elegant and clean line will ensure your message stays front and center and remains fresh for years to come.

The Price Will Convince You

For decision makers and designers who must select a signage system for an office that holds dozens, hundreds, even thousands of workers, and where every employee, corridor, room and wall needs a sign, the cost not only of the signs themselves, but also their installation and regular maintenance is a major consideration. As a global signage manufacturer with innovation and reliability etched on its banner, Vista Systems is doing everything possible to provide local signage companies uncompromising service at an affordable price. In fact, our reasonable prices are one of the main reasons that Vista System’s signage systems are found in projects all over the world.

The advantage in speed and peace of mind

Vista signs were designed to provide speed, simplicity and reliability. From the thought behind the design and method of anchoring the signs, through the complex quality assurance tests each sign undergoes before reaching an authorized installer, and all the way to the installation and operation of the signs, these values are front and center. Maintenance is a point that many decision-makers and designers tend to take lightly. It is important to remember that an office signage solution must be able to handle changes along the way – such as changing functions of rooms or replacement of employees. To facilitate the operations manager with such necessary changes, Vista’s signage includes a quick latch mechanism that allows the insert to be replaced in minutes and without a technician. Another significant point is the prompt response in the event of wear and tear. Vista products have been designed to last for many years, but in any event, you can rest assured knowing your product is backed by the guarantee of an established sign manufacturer. Whatever signs or spare parts you might need in the future, we’ll be here, and happy to provide them.

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