The commuter rail system of FIFA World Cup 2010

Gauteng Railway Station is the commuter rail system that South Africa prepared for the FIFA World Cup 2010. It required effective way-finding signage that would guide the movement of tens of thousands of people.
The contractor and architect referred to the station signs as an important and critical part of the project.
For them, the station was no less than a flagship project.

Timeless Design

Even today, after more than a decade, the Gauteng Railway Station project’s signage has a youthful and contemporary look and feel. The choice of a strong design line to complement the branding of the operating company truly proved itself. The original signs continue to direct passengers and express a brand identity that has only strengthened with time.

One Signage System for an Entire Project

The choice of Vista System was influenced by the fact that beyond its elegant design, the modular design system would provide the public with a sense of security as they wandered throughout the various areas of the complex. The uniform appearance of the visual language, proportions, colors and locations signals to the public, even on a subconscious level, a sense of the consideration and concern offered by the station’s management.

Diversity Plays a Powerful Role

Another advantage of using a modular system is the variety of applications. Vista System provided everything needed for the project – including wall signs, hanging signs, outdoor and indoor signs, illuminated signs, Pylon signs of various sizes, and more. The Vista System team from South Africa worked alongside the architect to adapt dozens of different types of signs, while installation was completed by certified Vista Sign Makers from South Africa. Best of all, the challenge of designing a signage system for all of the spaces, corridors, rooms, and entrances of the railway station was easily met, and the project completed even earlier than the customer expected.

Green Signage System

Since Gautrain belongs to a private company in partnership with the South African government, the project had to comply with national green standards. For the project’s managers, this meant that all materials and work areas had to be selected with a view to preserving the environment. With Vista’s green technology, they had not difficulties in meeting the standards set by the LEED Green Building Rating System.

The green advantages of Vista include:

  • The system is built of recycled aluminum, iron and plastic.
  • As the system’s parts are modular, high utilization of the material means significant reduction of waste and prevention of dirt.
  • The system’s usage of frames enables replacement of only the insert, rather than the entire sign.

Choosing Vista’s modular system earned the organization the distinction of being a Green Company, according to the standards of LEED Innovation in Design.

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