Vista Expand Family

To cover vast spaces and ensure messages are seen from afar, you need an extra-large signage solution. The Vista Expand Family of signs was designed precisely for that, with signs as wide as 1.4 meters and fully 4 meters high. With an ultra-modern sleek design, these elegant signs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


The Expand Family uses state-of-the-art technology to support three types of aluminum profiles. Available in both single and double-sided signs, and for mounting on walls or secured to pylons, the signs are slightly curved and feature a clean look that will complement any venue – from commercial or industrial complexes, to academic campus and even nature reserves.  


Vista Expand features a covering profile that hides the screws that strongly grip the graphic inserts. Choose between digital printing and vinyl inserts, and while Vista recommends 2mm Di-bond sheets, virtually any flexible and strong insert may be used.


The Expand product family is ideal when an extra-large signage solution is required. From way-finding to information display, these high-quality eye-catching designs will ensure that the message gets across.

Vista Expand Family Wall Mounted Signs
Vista Expand Family Pylon Signs
Vista Expand Family Entrance Signs
Vista Expand Family Directory Signs
Vista Expand Family Lobby Signs
Vista Expand Family Display Signs
Vista Expand Family Reception Signs

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    Frame Profile Sign width – Wall frame Sign width – Pylons Insert Width Visible Insert Width
    XP700 33.8″ (858.5mm) 33.12″ (841.3mm) 31.14″ (791mm) 28″ (711.2mm)
    XP800 36.8″ (934.6mm) 37.14″ (943.3mm) 35.15″ (893mm) 32″ (812.8mm)
    XP900 40.93″ (1039.6mm) 41.11″ (1044.2mm) 39.13″ (994mm) 36″ (914.4mm)
    XP1000 45.19″ (1147.8mm) 45.05″ (1144.3mm) 43.15″ (1096mm) 40″ (1016mm)
    XP1100 49.39″ (1254.5mm) 49.11″ (1247.3mm) 47.16″ (1198mm) 44″ (1117.6mm)
    XP1200 53.41″ (1356.5mm) 53″ (1346mm) 51.14″ (1299mm) 48″ (1219.2mm)
    XP1400 60.41″ (1534.5mm) 60.13″ (1527.3mm) 58.15″ (1477mm) 55″ (1397mm)