Vista Nova Family

Meet Vista Nova. With its gently curving surface, elegant frame, and durability in both indoor and outdoor environments, it’s a sensational choice for nearly every signage need.


Available in multiple sizes and both portrait and landscape orientation, Vista Nova is distinguished not only by the slight curve of its display but the wide paneled frame on either side.


Nova signs handle most graphic materials used today in the sign industry, the long list of options including: printed paper; engraved, embossed or screen printed substrates; photo-metal, photo-polymer, vinyl graphics, tactile and more.


Available in a vast range of sizes, Vista Nova signs can be used throughout a project to create a sleek, uniform look from large wall mounted signs to small table stands.

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      Frame Profile Sign Width Insert Width Visible Insert Width
      VN70 70mm / 2.56″ 52mm / 2.05″ 47.5mm / 1.87″
      VN94 94mm / 3.7″ 75mm / 2.95″ 71mm / 2.9″
      VN124 124mm / 4.88″ 105mm / 4.14″ 96.5mm / 3.8″
      VN170 170mm / 6.7″ 150mm / 5.91″ 142.7mm / 5.62″
      VN-A4 230mm / 9.06″ 210mm / 8.27″ 203.2mm / 8″
      VN-Letter 235.9mm / 9.3″ 215.9mm / 8.5″ 209.5mm / 8.25″
      VN11 298.9mm / 11.77″ 279mm / 11″ 272.5mm / 10.73″
      VN-A3 316.6mm / 12.46″ 297mm / 11.69″ 289.4mm / 11.4″
      VN420 440mm / 17.32″ 420mm / 16.53″ 412.5mm / 16.24″
      VN500 519.7mm / 20.46″ 500mm / 19.68″ 492mm / 19.37″
      VN600 618.5mm / 24.35″ 600mm / 23.62″ 592mm / 23.30″