Vista Snap Family

Meet Vista Snap – Extraordinary designed spring-system snap frames for posters and promotional information, supporting rapid and easy change of graphics. One look at Vista Snap frames, with the sleek metallic look clarifies beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are no ordinary Snap frames that you have ever seen before.


Vista Snap was developed to widen the array of wayfinding solutions for the business sector. The system provides a flexible and elegant solution, including a flat platform for your message, based only on 2 spring-based profiles and exists also as an illuminated version. The subtle, minimalistic look of the Aluminum profiles on both sides, turns Vista Snap into the unicorn of the advertising world.


Changing graphic substrates in Vista Snap frames is quick and easy to do. This feature makes it the perfect sign for your marketing or advertising promos, such as special sales, events or shows.


Snap frames can be with or without illumination, with a substantial variety of sizes, suitable for impressive, visual content at restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.


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    Sign  Sign Width Insert Size Visible Insert Size
    8.5 x 11 9.57″ x 11.3″ 8.56″ x 11.125″ 7.6″ x 11″
    8.5 x 14 9.57″ x 14.3″ 8.56″ x 14.125″ 7.6″ x 14″
    11 x 17 12.09″ x 17.3″ 11.125″ x 17.125″ 10.12″ x 17″
    17 x 22 18.07″ x 22.3″ 17.09″ x 22.125″ 16.1″ x 22″
    22 x 34 23.07″ x 34.25″ 22.09″ x 34.09″ 21.1″ x 34″
    A4 237mm x 308mm 212mm x 304mm 187mm x 300mm
    A3 324mm x 427mm 299mm x 423mm 274mm x 419mm
    400 x 600 425mm x 604mm 400mm x 600mm 375mm x 596mm
    A2 447mm x 601mm 422mm x 597mm 397mm x 593mm
    500 x 700 525mm x 704mm 500mm x 700mm 475mm x 696mm
    A1 621mm x 848mm 596mm x 844mm 571mm x 840mm
    700 x 1000 725mm x 1004mm 700mm x 1000mm 675mm x 996mm