The Advanced Signage Media Kit includes 4 signs from different product families, as well as:

  • Vista Family Sign -V120: 4.72” X 4.72”
  • Branded box
  • Square Family Sign - F100: 5.52” X 3.93”
  • Kit brochure
  • Sharp Family Sign - FRL-A6: 4.14” X 3.93”
  • Product brochure
  • Nova Family Sign - VN124: 4.88” X 4.72”
  • Suction cup

Full refund

Full one-time refund given for every order starting at $80, within 2 years of purchase.

Best Closer Available

Vista’s kits have enabled sign manufacturers and designers to close deals and projects worth millions of dollars.

House of Fun

Here at Vista System, the customer always comes first. It’s time for you to enjoy unparalleled customer service.

Compact and effective sales tool

Advanced Signage Media Kit for every sales meeting

Ideal for every sign sale or demonstration, the kit will enable you to demonstrate in front of the customer the unique benefits and elegant look of Vista System’s modular signage systems. Architects, signage manufacturers and designers use our Advanced Signage Media Kit as a daily work tool to close deals on the spot. In fact, we strongly recommend keeping one in your car at all times, so you’ll be ready for any opportunity that arises. The kit includes the most common models of the product families you’ll find in almost every project. Last but not least, the kit already includes a full refund.

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