This Square Kit comes in a suitcase equipped with 7 signs from the Vista Square product family!

It includes a variety of types and sizes, as well as all the equipment you'll need to make a swift sale:
  • Vista Square tabletop sign - landscape style F80: 4.73" X 6"
  • Vista Square projecting sign F100: 5/52" X 4.75"
  • Vista Square tabletop sign - portrait style F100: 5/52" X 4.00"
  • Vista Square wall/door sign F-Letter: 9.82" X 4.00"
  • Vista Square wall/door sign F100: 5.52" X 3.00"
  • Suction cup
  • Vista Square wall/door sign with a divider strip F150: 7.49" X 4.12"
  • Kit brochure
  • Vista Square wall/door sign F80: 4.73" X 1.50"
  • Sign catalogue

fantastic sales tool

Vista’s Square Sample Case takes all the guessing out of the game and gives you the edge on the competition.

We're behind you

With a brand like Vista behind you,  you can approach every job with confidence.

customers come first

Our customers always come first with us – just ask them!

full refund

You’ll receive a full return on your investment, with the first sale that’s 4X the sample case price!

Wow them with Vista's variety

It's all you need to close the sale and get to work

The Square Sample Case is a suitcase full of surprises that will delight your customers. They’ll love the elegant design of the Vista square family, and holding these signs in their hands will help them to make up their mind on the spot.

The fast-latch vacuum handle, included in your sample case, will let you demonstrate to customers how easy it is to exchange inserts – in only seconds– and is often the true clincher that seals the deal.

Get your Square Sample Case today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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