Designers and architects, the Vista Sample Case is about to become your best friend!

This elegant suitcase comes with 8 various signs from Vista product family, plus everything you'll need to wow your customers:
  • Wall or Door Sign – Vista V40: 7.87" X 1.57"
  • Tabletop Sign - Boomerang style – Vista V60: 5.90" X 2.36"
  • Wall or Door Sign – Vista V80: 4.5" X 3.14"
  • Wall or Door Sign – Vista V120: 4.72" X 3.00"
  • Tabletop Sign - Kangaroo style – Vista V100: 3.93" X 4.72"
  • Kit brochure
  • Wall or Door Sign – Vista V200: 7.87" X 3.93"
  • Suction cup
  • Directory Sign - Vista V150: 7.87" X 5.90" (divided into 4 cells)
  • Vista Catalog
  • Projecting Sign Vista V100: 3.93" X 4.75"


Puts you miles ahead of brochure-carrying competitors

Full refund

Kit costs just $49, with a complete refund offered within 2 years, on first purchase worth 4X the kit’s selling price


All purchases are backed by Vista’s guarantee – we’re there for you

Dazzle them with variety

The Vista Sample Case – something for everyone

Nothing beats holding an item in your hand – getting the actual look and feel of it, and being able to envision how it will truly look once installed. The Vista Sample Case, with its 8 different sample signs, helps customers to make up their minds on the spot, by showing them exactly how their purchase will look, allowing them to closely examine it and settling their minds once and for all.

Get your Vista Sample Case today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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