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Vista provides the world’s widest range of signage models and designs. Our real specialty, however, and the one we are particularly proud of, is our Customer Care. We provide large signage companies with training and certification programs, support and documentation services, as well as unique sales tools. For you, this translates into having a huge advantage over your competitors..

Ambassadors Program

Vista’s flagship program is designed for signage companies that strive to position themselves out in front.
Ambassadors enjoy training, certification, benefits, marketing and sales tools to help them become better able
to communicate the significant advantages of choosing Vista. Certification allows the ambassador to receive
real-time customer referrals from customers who approach Vista directly.

The ambassador also enjoys significant benefits:
10% discount on Vspec service
10% discount on every order from any of the Vista product families – lifetime guarantee

Unmatched Customer Care

We’ve invested over $1 million in IT infrastructure so that you will receive the fastest and most accurate service. In addition, we have set up an exceptional standard of service, beginning with your very own personal account manager. This manager will handle your orders, supervise the preparation and delivery of your signs, advise you on selecting and adjusting the signs for the project and help you fill out the tender so that you can meet an approaching deadline for submission.

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    Vista has launched an innovative service that will help you win projects and save you a lot of time and headache. Vspec is a service that provides you with an impressive branded sign schedule that includes all crucial information:

    •     Project’s full signage specification
    •     Product page for each signage type
    •     Table of quantities
    •     Sign location plan
    •     Graphics text mapping

    Signage Kits - The easy way to close a sale

    In addition to the Vspec service, Vista provides dozens of kits containing samples from all of Vista’s product families that will amaze customers and help you close deals. The kits show the product in all its true glory, always leaving a very strong impression. As one of our valued customers, you’ll also receive a variety of refunds and benefits.