Vista launched a new program for the recruitment of local distributors in various markets to improve its global presence.
Dozens of candidates in various territories and continents are already progressing through the recruitment process and will soon become active distributors. As a signage business owner, who supplies either signage solutions or signage components and materials, we are convinced you will not lose sight of the benefits.

A unique opportunity for exclusivity

As a certified Vista System distributor you will be the exclusive “go to” company for all clients and sales in your territory. In addition to this prestigious status, you will receive from Vista everything you need to create an additional profit center that will be incorporated into your existing business activity:

Increased Clientele Base

Vista will transfer all its database of active customers and prospective customers in your territory.

Small and flexible inventory

The advantage of modular extrusions and accessories is, that they allow for manufacturing of hundreds of different sign sizes suitable for any tender or project.

A CRM and Inventory management system

No worries. The systems you get already includes all contact cards, products, items and elements, prices etc.

A brave big step forward

In addition to all of the above, we have eliminated any difficulties or challenges…
Forget the enormous headache involved in assimilating a software, an operating system or tedious data entry for thousands of elements. The system you receive already includes all that’s necessary for creating a quote within minutes. We will guide you every step of the way, from marketing, closing a deal and supply of the signs to the client. A close and personal support for success is an integral part of the Distribution Program.

Minimal Inventory and 100% Profitability

Going through a simple process, you can add to your existing business, an activity that will insure increase of sales,
products and database. The special financial plan is guaranteed to lead you to the 100% profit zone.

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