This revolutionary service is your key to success

The pressure is on! You have only one week left to submit your signage plans for a 6-story building. In that week, you have to read the building plans, understand the function of each room and hallway, suggest appropriate types of signs and price the manufacture and installation of each one. Moreover, you have to do all of this without having checked the conditions on site, and while dealing with the pressure you’re already feeling to deliver on prior commitments.

I have to win this project!

Your business depends on securing the next project. Yet, to be in the running, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of time and resources to plan the signage as well as your price quote. You are not alone! Here at Vista, we understand the many factors weighing on your mind, making it hard for you to take that next step forward:

    • You are swamped already with installations and have no extra time to spend in the office
    • No one else in your firm knows how to read programs, or is familiar with wayfinding considerations.
    • Creating the bid for this next project is going to be a Sisyphean task with endless technical details and you simply don’t have the necessary patience right now.

Even if you manage to allocate the required hours for the task, after all your hard work, chances are you’ll submit your PDF file and never hear from them again. And, best case scenario, if they do respond, it will be with multiple questions that need urgent answers, all happening while you’re out in the field trying to complete a different installation.

How to Win a Project? It’s All about First Impressions

Vspec for sign manufacturers is a revolutionary service that will help you to win small to medium projects, and handle all the grunt work, so you can focus on what you do best: manufacturing and installing signage.

You heard right! We will decode the blueprint analysis and send you a professional signage schedule, including a table of quantities in A3 format.

Beyond the ridiculously low price of this service ($100 / $200, depending on the chosen version), there are also numerous advantages that will help you beat the competition time and again. Simply put, no potential customer will be able to resist the impression that your Vspec will make – because none of your competitors will have anything comparable. They’ll keep emailing clients their PDF, leaving countless questions open and guaranteeing you the upper hand.

Vspec Benefits Include:

  •     Outstanding professional impression at sales meetings
  •     Large, elegant hard copy booklet with your business logo
  •     Full signage specification for the project
  •     Product page for each signage type
  •     Table of quantities
  •     Sign location plan
  •     Graphics text mapping
  •     Signage design by experienced sign professionals

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