The Ambassador's Kit is equipped with all the sales tools you need to sell Vista!

It comes fully loaded with:
  • 50 personalized brochures with your company's logo and contact details
  • 3 Catalogs
  • Expand Sample Sign: XP300*700mm (27.55" X 11.81")
  • 10 Vista Giveaway Samples V100: 3.93" X 2.36"
  • 10 Nova Giveaway Samples VN94: 3.70" X 2.16"
  • 10 Square Giveaway Samples F80: 4.73" X 2.36"
  • A3 size carry board that includes a sign from each of our leading systems
  • Vista Sample case with 8 different Vista signs
  • Nova sample case with 6 different Nova signs
  • Square sample case with 7 different Square signs
  • Deluxe display board: 49.21" X 29.44"
  • Vista preferred dealer certificate
  • Digital media kit to use on your website

Full refund

Full refund given for the first purchase that is worth 4 times the kit’s cost.

money saver

Purchasing the kit and receiving Vista certification guarantees you a 10% discount on all future orders.

best seller available

The Ambassador’s Kit is by far the most impressive sales tool you will ever see.


Vista goes all the way for its customers – we will be there, behind you, through every project.

Vista's Ultimate Selling Tool

The Ambassador's Kit

You’ve never seen anything like it. The Ambassador’s Kit contains absolutely everything you will ever need for any sign project – EVER. You will leave your customers speechless when they witness the sheer variety of options – including Vista product family, type of sign, size and more. There is simply no better way to impress – and close your next deal – than to present the Ambassador’s Kit.

Get your Ambassador Kit today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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