Vista Signs for Directional and Promotional Purposes in Banks

Vista System, as a leading global signage manufacturer, has developed wide range of modular signage solutions for numerous fields, including banking. Modular signage allows designers to tailor an enterprise-class solution to preserve the bank’s unique branding and design language. Vista’s signage for the banking sector provides projects with additional advantages, beyond design and quality.

Whatever the Design Need, Vista Always Has a Solution

Alexander Forbes’ headquarters in South Africa was under pressure to earn a four-star Green Building Rating. The signage company to be assigned the project had to meet numerous criteria – starting with the need to provide a green solution, which only Vista was able to do. In addition, project specifications included 100 different types of signs, each of which had to be tailored to the unique shade of color required by the client. For Vista, meeting every requirement was a piece of cake: the signage is environmentally green, available in a wide variety of sign types, shapes and sizes, and can be provided in any desired shade or hue. In addition to all of this, each of the signs Vista made for this project was anodized, to achieve a dark finish for the frame that would accentuate any graphics.

Elegance Married to Simplicity

One thing all Vista families have in common is the ability to provide an elegant and modern look that never goes out of style. Alongside that clean design, which emphasizes the sign’s message and graphics, Vista offers another enormous advantage that will delight your customer – especially if they are a nationwide chain of branches. That advantage is the Vista technology: the quick-latch mechanism, which allows you to replace graphics within a minute and requires no screwdrivers or technicians. And while this may be less important than sign appearance, when it comes to updating thousands of signs at hundreds of branches, the difference becomes substantial.

Clean Line and Fast Execution

The Citizens State Bank in Carmel, Indiana, USA decided to launch a campaign that would boost sales. They needed signage that presented a clean design line and would enable quick and easy graphics replacement. One of Vista’s signage professionals, Fox Marketing Group, examined the branch’s marketing zones and offered a solution that would employ signs from Vista’s Square Family. The bank accepted, and on the spot, within three hours, the company installed 16 signs in the bank’s interior office rooms and public spaces. Just like that, simple and fast.

Your Design, our Diversity

Designers of banking signage projects have a tall order in front of them: To properly manage the project, they must strengthen the overall branding without taking away from the atmosphere of the specific branch or damaging the brand recognition. Moreover, they might even need to devise a solution at a national level. To succeed with all this, the designer must have a wide range of tools. Vista System families and the diverse sizes of the products they offer enable you to design signage for any space and functionality. From pylon signs for corridors and illuminated outdoor signs for nighttime hours, to entry signs, wall panels, doors signs and more, Vista always has the answer.

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