The Sign That Fits the Café's Look and Feel

Creating the right signage for a chain of restaurants or cafes requires careful planning. It’s crucial that the signage will support the chain’s branding, provide a design solution for national distribution and be flexible enough to allow for changes and adaptations by the chain’s various franchises and branches. The modern, modular design of Vista System’s solution offers designers exactly that.

Freedom to Create a 'Wow' Effect

Vista has developed product families that allow you to choose from hundreds of sizes, designs, frame colors and graphic substrate materials. Our wide range of offerings gives you the ability to match the right sign to the café’s look and feel, in order to highlight the graphics, reinforce branding, support marketing, enable easy price adjustments, create the right atmosphere and shine in every small detail – right down to the sign indicating where to tip the bartender.

Visibility, Location and Size

A coffee shop is a crowded space, with every item competing for attention. Vista’s wide variety allows designers to choose the optimal location for messages, so they have the best chance of being seen. The multitude of options includes wall signs, projecting signs and pylon signs. There are illuminated menu boards (link), door signs, restroom signage, brochure holders, open and closed signs, curved or flat signs, and more. The decision about where the sign will ultimately be determines not only the way in which the sign will be mounted, but also the best size to choose – from huge wall panels for street-side views, to delicate tabletop signs.

Beyond the Branch – Signage for an Entire Chain

Creative teams working to design the look and feel of coffee shop and restaurant chains place huge emphasis on uniformity of design elements throughout each branch. Instead of setting individual requirements for local signage companies handling each new branch, you can simply give the project manager the number from Vista’s extensive catalog. Nationwide signage deployment has additional implications. What happens if the chain decides on a special sale or promotion across the country, and needs to update all of the menu boards and signs in every branch? The quick-latch mechanism in Vista’s modular signage enables you to update the insert in just moments. In addition, if a part is missing, or a sign is cracked and needs replacement, with Vista, and you’ll always get what you need – fast.

Pleasant Surprise for Designers and Decision Makers

Vista’s product families are based on modularity and flexibility, but when needed, we are delighted to provide custom-made solutions or signs with special finishes. Moreover, as an international signage manufacturer, we train and support certified signage companies – Vista Ambassadors. We assist in designing the signs and accompany the project through a dedicated client manager. All this you know already, so… what’s the surprise? It’s our Vspec service (link) – a special offering we’ve launched to help you create a detailed signage plan, including a bill of quantities.Finally, do check out our catalog – it contains hundreds of signs in different design families, ideal for providing restaurant designers with everything needed for signage at a particular restaurant branch or across the entire chain.

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