Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics includes three values and ten sections designed to provide a safe operating environment for the client, other ambassadors, and the company’s vision:
To continually and intensely strive to provide an unbelievable and incredible experience for our customers, in everything we do.

Responsibility Above All


The Vista System Ambassador will strive to execute every project in a way that meets the customer’s expectations, by delivering a high-quality product in time and on budget.


The Ambassador will only submit proposals in cases where they have the support, knowledge, tools, employees and signs required to fulfill the tender.

Honest appraisal

The Vista System Ambassador is obliged to alert the customer in the event that the products they wish to order are not fitting or are designed in an unrealistic way – even if this results in forfeiting the sale.


The Vista Ambassador will guard any information disclosed by the customer during the project with the utmost of discretion.


In the understandable event that problems arise during the execution of the project, the Ambassador will immediately alert the customer in order to prevent future crises.

High-level Professionalism


The Ambassador will have successfully passed a training program that includes study and successful completion of an exam for certification. Only signage manufacturers that have successfully completed these requirements may become authorized Vista Ambassadors.


The Ambassador commits to receiving a bi-annual update from Vista, in order to stay fully up to date with all new technologies and other developments offered by Vista System.

Fraud Prevention

The Ambassador will not consciously or deliberately violate the law and will, inter alia, protect the customer's copyrights and property, and prevent the usage of Vista System imitations or other products being falsely displayed as Vista System products.
Each Ambassador has been confirmed by Vista System as a legitimate and certified signage manufacturer that conducts itself according to the law in its host country.
Vista Ambassadors will never present capabilities or projects of other signage companies as their own in order to win a tender.

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