The sensational Brochure Holder Kit comes with 3 brochure holders in varying sizes:

  • 1/3A4 (DL) Brochure Holder
  • A5 Brochure Holder
  • A4 Brochure Holder
  • Kit Brochure
  • 3 Inserts to fit each brochure holder

fantastic sales tool

Customers are far more likely to buy something from a sample than a catalog.

Always updated

Matching inserts give customers the true feel for owning the holders.

Full refund

These low priced kits come with a full refund guaranteed, upon your first purchase of $48.

Nothing says 'Professional' like matching accessories

Show customers the true professional you are

The Vista Brochure Holder Kit will have unbelievable value for your sales record. You’ll wow customers with beauty and practicality, for example, the ability to replace inserts – a unique feature found only with Vista Brochure Holders. Once customers hold a Vista Brochure Holder in their hand, they’ll never want to let it go. These are the real deal, made from Polycarbonate, with a flexible back, all of the highest possible quality. They can also see for themselves how easy it is to replace inserts. Best of all, the brochure holders can fit every line, curved or flat, so they can choose the one that fits their entire design scheme.

Get your Brochure Holder Kit today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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