The Vista Deluxe Combined Display Sign Board is an extraordinary collection!

Containing signage from the various Vista product families:
  • Display board made of X-Bond: 49.21" X 29.44"
  • Square Directory Sign F200: 11.00" X 9.11", divided into 5 cells
  • V-Letter Vista Directory Sign: 11.00" X 8.7", divided into 5 cells
  • Square Wall Sign F80: 7.87 X 4.37
  • Vista Flag Sign V120: 5.90" X 4.72"
  • Square Flag Sign F120: 6.30" X 4.72"
  • Vista Boomerang Tabletop Sign – V80: 8.00" X 3.14"
  • Nova Tabletop Sign VN124: 5.82" X 4.88"
  • Vista Wall sign V120: 7.87" X 4.72"
  • Nova Directory Sign VN Letter: 11.00" X 9.3" ,divided into 5 cells
  • Sharp Wall Sign (4-sided extrusion): 5.82" X 4.14" (A6)
  • Nova Wall or Door Panel VN70: 5.9" X 2.56"
  • Sharp Wall Sign : 5.82" X 4.14" (A6)
  • Nova Flag Sign VN170: 5.90" X 6.70"
  • Vista Brochure Holder: 1/3 A4 (DL)

Full refund

Full refund given for the first purchase that is worth 4 times the kits cost.

Best Closer Available

The signs that sell themselves.

House of Fun

Simple, elegant and easy to install and care for.

Something for everyone

The Combination that Makes Deals Come True

Whether meeting clients in your display room or office, the Vista Deluxe Combined Display Sign Board Kit will help you seal the deal. Customers will be delighted to discover the vast array of sign types, sizes and designs Vista offers– one of which is sure to capture the heart of everyone who crosses the doorstep.

Get your Deluxe Combined Display Board today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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