Stunning sample from Vista Expand's line of large-sized signs for indoor and outdoor usage!

With a variety of sizes, up to 1.4 m wide and 4 m high, these signs are elegant, yet durable enough to withstand the elements, serving a wide variety of needs, situations and locations. Also included is the Vista Expand series brochure.


Customers handle the product, making them much more likely to buy.

Perfect demonstration

Customers can witness how elegant and user-friendly the Vista Expand signs are.

house of fun

Working with Vista means you are backed in all things by the Vista customer service guarantee.


At just $59 per sample kit, the Vista Expand Signage Kit soon pays for itself – in fact, you receive a full refund, upon your first purchase worth just $236.

From small…

…To large!

The beauty and practicality of Vista Expand signs have to be seen to be truly appreciated. With the Expand Sample Sign (XP300*700mm / 11.8’’*27.5), your customers will get to see in person how Vista’s technology has created this elegant and extremely practical system that can solve a great number of needs in the field.

Having a sample ready to show your customers at a moment’s notice truly puts you ahead in the game – and with our sample expand sign, we are sure you’ll be quite busy in the months to come.

Get your Expand Sample Sign today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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