The Nova Display Sign Kit – all you need to close your next million dollar deal!

You'll receive a Large Display Panel, 27.55" X 19.68", including 6 signs from the Vista Nova Product Family:
  • Nova Projecting Sign VN124: 5.82" X 4.88" (A6)
  • Nova Kangaroo Table Sign VN170: 6.7" X 5.9"
  • Nova Directory Sign VNA4: 11.69" X 9.06" (divided into 5 sections)
  • Nova Wall or Door Panel VN70: 7.87" X 2.56"
  • Nova Boomerang Table Sign VN94: 7.08" X 3.7"
  • Suction cup
  • Nova Wall or Door Panel VN94: 4.13" X 3.7" (A7)

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Nova Display Sign Kit does the selling
for you.

something for everyone

The variety of sizes included ensures everyone will find the sign they need.

Full refund

You’ll receive a complete refund upon your first order of just $240.

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The Nova Display Sign Kit will make you a star of the signage world

At Vista, we are all too familiar with how challenging it can be for you to close the next sale. With the Vista Nova Display Panel Kit on your side, you’ll close more deals, faster and easier than ever before. The moment customers see this attractive display, with the wide variety of signs offered here from the Nova collection, they’ll be eager to hear more.

Get your Nova Display Sign Kit today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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