The Nova Promo 20 Kit provides 20 signs!

All personalized with your company’s logo and details. You’ll get:
  • 20 VN94 signs: 3.70"X 2.16"
  • Personalized graphics
  • Suction cup

A personalized kit

This personalized kit with your logo and contact details is sure to impress


Actual samples are proven to go a long, long way towards winning bids


Receive VIP treatment from Vista – each and every time.

Let Nova do the job!

The Nova Promo 20 kit does the work - you earn all the profit

The Nova Promo 20 is a designer’s dream – just keep one in your car at all times, and it will be there by your side whenever you need. Your customers will be impressed with the style and quality, and having your company’s logo emblazoned on the sign will help seal the deal. The fast-latch vacuum handle and brochure round off this superb collection that is guaranteed to win you projects.

Get your Nova Promo 20 today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

Just fill in your details below to receive your kit for only $29 + shipping.