The Square Display Sign Kit is ideal for closing sales!

Perfect for designing office and commercial buildings with significant occupancy turnover, it comes equipped with a large Display Panel, 27.55" X 19.68", including 5 signs from the Vista Square Product Family:
  • Wall or Door Panel F80: 5.90" X 4.73"
  • Wall or Door Panel F100: 5.52" X 2.95"
  • Wall or Door Panel F-Letter: 9.82" X 3.93"
  • Projecting Sign F100: 5.52" X 4.72"
  • Directory Sign F120: 8.26" X 6.30" (divided into 5 sections)
  • Suction cup


Square Display Panel Kit removes all the guesswork.

best first impression

Enables you to make that crucial first impression.

Full refund

With a full refund upon your first order of $240, the kit virtually pays for itself.

House of Fun

Vista’s customer service record is second to none.

Vista makes selling easy

With the Square Display Sign Kit

Your customers will love the bright Directories for mounting in their lobbies, while the elegant door signs show how to create a vibrant atmosphere on the office floor. When you show clients these actual samples of what Vista offers, they won’t need to imagine how the finished product will look – they’ll simply ask you where they can sign.

Get your Square Display Panel today and see how fast your leads turn into customers.

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