Based on our popular Vista Promo 20 Kit!

The Square Promo 20 focuses on one product from the Vista Square sign family. You’ll receive 20 personalized samples, carrying your company’s information and logo.
  • 20 F80 Signs: 4.73"X 2.36"
  • Personalized graphics
  • Suction cup

Personalized kit

Having your logo and details imprinted on the kit will dazzle customers


Vista Square Promo 20 ensures you’ll have more work than you can handle.


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This low-cost media kit wins yeses every single time

The Square Promo 20 is a dazzling device to help you close deals when out on the road. The contents of this box are all you’ll need – they’ll give your customers all the reasons in the world to sign with you. The Square Promo is a dream sales tool – here to make all your dreams come true.

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