Elegant and Noticeable Triangular Pylons at The Medici Riccardi Palace in Florence, Italy


Vista System International, a world leader in modular curved frame technology (MCFT), recently supplied its elegant and noticeable triangular pylons to direct the visitors of the exhibition: Raffaello – “La Madonna del Cardellino ritrovata”, at the Medici Riccardi Palace in Florence, Italy.
The signs were installed by Contemporanea Progetti. The main function of the signs are to assist the visitors in finding there way and location in the exhibition area. The architect was looking for an elegant sign, in harmony with the architecture of the palace housing the exhibition. Vista’s triangular pylon was chosen for its elegancy and for the fact that it is very noticeable, very easy to read and easy to be seen from every point of view of the Palace. Delivery took 8 days from the date of the quote!

Vista’s triangular freestanding pylon system is offered in various widths and heights. The system can be purchased in 3 standard finishes: brushed aluminum, gold, and black. There are 3 standard triangular end cap options. Bases are available for both permanent and portable applications.

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