Elegant Digital Sign Pylon at Resort at Marina Village Cape Coral, FL

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied its state of the art Digital Sign Pylon, featuring Mëmo Media’s technology, to “Images Graphic Specialties, Inc.” for installation at Resort at Marina Village, Cape Coral, FL.

The Media Pylon was created using a Vista System Double Sided Pylon, combined with Mëmo Media’s technology (screen + media player + speakers). The Media Pylon features a 21.5” LCD display screen which the hotel will utilize to advertise real estate opportunities, special events and amenities.

The ability to easily insert digitally printed graphics into Vista’s Double Sided Pylon, allowed “Images Graphic Specialties, Inc.” to customize the look of the unit to match the rest of the project’s design. The addition of audio capability via surface mounted speakers atop the media pylon was added to the unit at the request of the customer, and was easily accomplished as part of Mëmo Media’s custom fabrication service of turn key digital sign solutions. The media pylon creates a unique opportunity to effectively link digital signage displays with traditional sign industry applications.

In addition to digital signage, the installation featured a full range from vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signs to large monuments and custom designed six foot lit logos.


Images Graphic Specialties, Inc:
E-Mail: john@imagesgs.com
Phone: 1-800-321-3718

Mëmo Media:
E-Mail: johnz@getmemo.com
Phone: 1-401-273-0443

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