Vista System Book Display Draws Attention to Books, Magazines, Products at the Point of Sale


Vista System International, a fast growing pioneer and world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) with US based operations in Sarasota, Florida, just introduced a new book display for presenting books, magazines, products at the point-of-sale, and much more. It is ideally suited for drawing attention to new and featured products at libraries, bookstores and other retailers, and for additional applications as vast as one’s imagination.

The Book Display End Cap is a 2mm sheet metal product, designed to accommodate the Popular V60 Extrusion profile (from 150mm up to 300mm long; 6.” up to 12”long). Labeling the products being featured with a heading such as “New Title”, “Sale”, and possibly even brief text about the product being displayed, can be achieved with ease by placing the graphic inside the Vista System changeable sign frame. Vista’s book display is available in standard black and gray finishes. Custom finishes are also available.

The Vista book display end cap with V60 profile is just one of literally thousands of items which have been designed and manufactured by Vista System using MCFT.
MCFT is modular. Standardized units can be assembled in different ways using both standard and custom accessories and attachments. MCFT is curved. It combines the enhanced functionality of a curved shape with the beauty of Euro design into a collection of profiles that keep inserted materials firmly in place using its strong tension grip. MCFT is a frame system that can be used with many types of sign substrates (e.g. plastics, metals, paper, laminates, veneers, etc.) and inserts, thus allowing for the easy and inexpensive updating of signs. MCFT was developed using state-of-the-art technology. It becomes an integral part of the development process jointly with Vista System by providing new ideas such as the Book display end cap with V60 profile that mirror the market needs. These demands are supported by the quick fabrication capabilities of custom accessories and attachments that mesh with the system extrusions.

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