Modern Meets Traditional in Downtown Martinez, CA

When the owners of a historical building in downtown Martinez, California wanted to freshen up indoor signage, they had to take into account the traditional look and atmosphere, and work with that in mind. A brilliant solution was offered by Signs That Sell, a Vista System long-time-client who decided to mix old with new: Vista System’s Aluminum curved signs, gold anodized to give them that traditional look, with golden metallic graphics substrate and black end caps.

The end result fits the bill. It proves that new and modern does not necessarily collide with tradition and history. Some creative thinking poured into the mix, and anything can work in harmony.

Not only do the gold brushed signs “blend in with the architecture, they were also easy to install and look as if they have been there forever” said Ivan Rivero of Signs That Sell. “It is a match made in heaven… “

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