Vista System International Unveils Video On Triangular Freestanding Pylons


Vista System International, a fast growing Israel based pioneer and world leader in Modular Curved Frame (MCFT) Technology with US based operations in Sarasota, Florida, just introduced a new video on its versatile yet affordable triangular freestanding pylons at . The video contains product information as well as a wide array of line drawings, renderings, and application photographs.

The triangular freestanding pylons are similar to Vista’s double-sided pylons except for an additional third extrusion that is connected to the triangular end cap and base. A triangular pylon utilizes short sections of Vista post extrusion between frame sections to create an attractive way-finding system. By using standard Vista System extrusions and components, custom design stays affordable.

Vista’s triangular freestanding pylon allows for the use of standard signage substrates such as: plastics, metals, and paper. It is so easy to work with users create signage and then flex and pop them in. When it’s time to change the graphics, you simply pop them out again with a Vista Key suction cup. Clear non-glare lens provided by Vista can be used as a substrate for vinyl graphics, or placed over printed-paper inserts (paper should be used indoors only).

Vista’s triangular freestanding pylon system is offered in 14 widths from 4” (100 mm) to 40” (1000 mm) and can be ordered in various heights that accommodate a wide range of applications. The system can be purchased in 3 standard finishes: brushed aluminum, gold, and black. There are 3 standard triangular end cap options. Bases are available for both permanent and portable applications.

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