Flagship Hospital Project Uses Vista System for Way Finding Solution

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A Vista System Ambassador in South Africa recently supplied the St.Patrick’s hospital project with Vista’s way-finding solutions for interior and exterior signs.

St Patrick’s Hospital is a 100 bed government-funded hospital in Bizana, Eastern Cape. The hospital serves the 281,000 residents of Mbizana Local Municipality area.
It is a provincial hospital, and services are free to pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children under the age of six years old. Services include : Dentistry, Gynecology, Laboratory Services ,Occupational Services ,Ophthalmology, Orthopedics ,Pediatrics ,Pharmacy Services ,Physiotherapy ,Radiology ,Surgical Services and more.

Eye catching graphics complimented the interior design of the hospital and gave it a fresh and friendly interior corporate identity. Throughout the building, prints with natural backgrounds welcome and guide visitors to where they need to go.
With Vista System’s sleek aluminum signage designs made these above mentioned graphics stand out beautifully while retaining functionality.

As Vista System is certified as GREEN for its environmental advantages, it assisted the architects & contractor in their decision making regarding way-finding solutions for the St.Patricks hospital. Naturally a project of this stature needs to reflect a high level of environmental responsibility in its construction.

Vista System is only distributed via Signage professionals and therefore the project owners are also certain of always having suppliers within reach for any maintenance updates and additions that might be needed.

The partnership between CDP Signs and Vista System’s Africa distributor, Red Hand Sign Supplies, worked well and always ensures that the client and the projects gets high quality service and products.

In 2016 and 2017 Vista System has added a variety of new Signage related products to their range, focusing on partnering with Sign Makers on the continent.

b-government-funded hospital in Bizana3government-funded hospital in Bizanab-government-funded hospital in Bizana5


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