Vista’s annual signage project contest is over


We have a winner!

During the past few months, Vista’s team of judges worked hard. Really hard. Thanks to you. We received loads of amazing project photos from around the world.
Here is a short summary:

97 partners shared their photos with us
386 photos received
22 different countries
9 business sectors (health, offices, transportation, education, etc.)

43% used Vista classic curve frame
68% of the photos were shared by Ambassadors

And only ONE Winner: Supreme Heat and Colors who shared with us the amazing photos of “Oshodi Transport Interchange”, in Lagos, Nigeria.

They took 1st place and won a brand new Apple Watch Series 5.

Vista will continue this newly established tradition and will launch again the annual projects’ contest for 2020. Make sure you take as many photos as possible from your current projects. It might be worth your while!

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