Double Sided Pylon in Western Australia

b-Byford- Accountancy -firm-Pylon

Vista System’s impressive Double sided pylon was chosen as the new face of Byford Accountancy Firm in Western Australia.

Once the end user decided upon their required option, the sign was tailor made to fit the bill and sold to Elite Graphix Sign Company, who created the beautiful graphic design on silver aluminum sheets and installed it in place.

With a bit of ingenuity on Elite Graphix’ part, a solution was found to the high velocity winds in the area and the sign was perfectly adapted and secured in place by proper cement foundation, to be witnessed proudly by Byford Accountancy patrons.

The entire process from start to finish took a bit longer than usual, but safety and elegance were poetically combined to create the amazing result. Most importantly, the end user is very happy with their choice of Vista System pylon. No doubt – it cannot be ignored.

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